Life Transitions

Many people are seeking deeper meaning in their lives and a renewed sense of purpose. They want to use their lives powerfully in the service of something far greater than their own self-interest.

This urge for change is often accompanied by a feeling of something important ending, a period of frustration or confusion, and a sense that a new beginning is on the horizon. One of the most important reasons people seek transition coaching is to get help designing an exit from an outdated situation and navigating a new beginning.

In these cases we help people create a viable exit plan, assess their personal attributes and skills, set new life goals and provide the coaching and support necessary to achieve those goals.

Areas we help in:

  • Self-discovery and awareness: Without awareness there can be no change.
  • Discovering or creating your purpose
  • Designing a life worth living
  • Creating a structure and support for change
  • Determining the daily, weekly and monthly action steps to rapidly move you into your future
  • Enrolling an accountability partner