Book Summary

Replace the Fear of the Unknown with a Powerful Sense of Purpose

The Secret of Transitions is about taking on major turning points in life, career and business, courageously and passionately. So many people are hearing the call to make changes, but simply don’t know how to transition successfully to lead fulfilling lives. Jim Manton shows you how to convert the fear of change into the love of being the driver and agent of change.

Wherever you are in your career, or in life, this book will make your transition to the next level effortless and immediate. With user-friendly exercises, you will be able to apply lesson after exciting lesson to your own life so that your success is NOW rather than later.

Manton’s own deeply moving personal journey of transitions is a thread that runs through this book like a novel you can’t put down. He teaches principles with electrifying, dramatic stories of life and death in the combat zone of Viet Nam, intriguing martial arts learning experiences, real-world stories of personal courage and growth, and unsolvable workplace dilemmas solved through transitioning techniques all readers can use.

Jim Manton draws on his many years as a top high-tech executives as well as his current work as a career coach to give the reader a true handbook for success in this rapidly-changing world… a book that shows you how to make your transitions yourself, with vision, skill and purpose, without waiting for change to “happen to you.”